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This game is an introductory project, which is intended for my progress towards game development.
Ever since I finished a "Noughts and Crosses" game in C#, I decided to progress the genre of Board games. Therefore I decided upon making checkers, since Chess would be too difficult to program ;)

This game is intended to follow the American rules for Checkers, where there are 8x8 tiles with 3 rows containing pieces on alternating black squares. The rest of the Game-play is fairly similar, except that the current program follows the "go-as-you-please" rule. For those interested in the Checkers game, please refer to

The code
You may have noticed that the game uses nested for..loops to create the tiles. This is intended for variations on checkers (eg: some international board sizes include 10x10 and 12x12) and allows a more flexible game.

Enumerators are used in this game to avoid "Magic numbers", and important for processing player moves.

About the Graphics
One problem in game development is graphics and other assets. Fortunately, I was good at using Inkscape and managed to design the board pieces quickly. Open source always gets the job done.

Since the Board was constructed on a TableLayout control, I decided to export the graphics from inkscape 48x48 pixels.

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